Can we take a second to look at all of their emotions:

Luke : “My mom told me not to touch girls, I’ll get cooties”
Ashton: “Ayy little mama lemme whisper in ya ear”
Michael: “Why does my date keep talking to Ash, I knew I shouldn’t have left the house”
Calum: “They said I’d get Jordan.. I forgot Jordan was a unisex name until now…”



When I say “boys are dumb” what I really mean is “boys have been raised in a patriarchal society that forces them into an incorrect and problematic view of masculinity that not only forces them to strip away valuable virtues from themselves, like patience and gentleness, but also forces them them to view and treat women in unhealthy ways that devalues women as people and makes them into objects purely for a man’s benefit”

but it’s a lot faster to say “boys are dumb”